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gosh! easyPaw

gosh! easyPaw
Paw Washer

Meet easyPaw, the first automatic paw washer. It’s time to say goodbye those dirty paw prints all over your car or house! easyPaw allows your pet to simply dip its foot into the device and enjoy the comforting massage of swirling water currents powered by the built-in turbo motor. It even comes with a hidden container where you can stow a treat or towel to dry off excess water after each wash.




gosh! easyFeed
Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Webcam and Amazon Delivery

With automatic food and water dispensers, the ability to video chat with your pet from anywhere, an easy-to-use app, and food delivery straight to your doorstep via Amazon, easyFeed will improve the quality of life for you and your furry friends.