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easyFeed FAQ
About easyFeed Smart Feeder

What devices are compatible with easyFeed?

gosh! easyFeed App is compatible with iOS 7.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

What WI-FI is compatible with easyFeed App?

The easyFeed device is only compatible with the standard 2.4Ghz network.

How long is the warranty?

We provide a 12-month warranty for every easyFeed unit. You may register your warranty here:

What are the dimensions of an easyFeed?

The dimension of an easyFeed is 408 x 468 x 439mm.

How much does an easyFeed weigh?

It weighs about 6.5kg.

How long is the battery life for the easyFeed?

The backup battery can last about 4 days with a 10-feed schedule per day. This could vary based on different brands of battery.

Does easyFeed come with a UK or Euro plug too?

Every easyFeed comes with a standard US plug.

Will it slide around on the ground?

No, there are rubber feet beneath the feeder to ensure a better grip to the ground.

How much food can I put into the food tray?

The food tray can hold 3-4cups of food.

What is the minimum amount of food I can dispense to my pet?

The minimum to be dispersed is 0.04 cups. This may vary based on your kibble size.

What dry food size is recommended?

We recommended of dry food size of 1cm and below.

How many grams is equivalent to 1 cup of kibbles?

It is about 100g. Different types of kibbles vary.

What size dogs and cats are compatible with easyFeed?

easyFeed is good for small to middle-sized dogs. It could work on large dogs too, depending on the breed and mouth size.

Why are the LED numbers flashing?

The top LED number represents the Food Hopper weight. When the numbers flash, it indicates that the Food Hopper level is low (<5g).

Can I turn off the LED lights?

Simply press the manual dispensing button (non embossed button) on the easyFeed once to turn off the LED lights. Press another time to turn the lights on. (Unfortunately, the 1st batch of easyFeed production does not come with this option) 

Using easyFeed Smart Feeder

How do I charge easyFeed?

Using the AC Adapter, you can charge easyFeed by plugging up the back of the feeder directly into a charging outlet (Input: AC100V - 240V).

How do I clean my easyFeed?

The food hopper, water storage container, food tray and water tray are all removable for cleaning. All remaining parts of the easyFeed should be wiped down with a damp rag or cloth.

Please ensure that there is no food in the hopper left before you remove it for cleaning. Also, in order to remove the water tray, you will have to lift the water storage container slightly.

I have two dogs. Can I feed them using the same easyFeed machine?

One easyFeed should be ideally catered to one pet as the health analyser will calculate based on that pet's consumption.

Will my dog be able to press the Manual Feed Button on easyFeed to feed himself?

The manual feed button is designed at the bottom curve of the feeder on the left side so it is harder for pets to reach it. Even if your pet is able to reach their paw in, it requires a long hold of several seconds on the button before the food can be dispensed. Therefore, it is quite difficult for the dog to set off the manual feeding function on its own.

To be safe, it is advised that you do not use the manual feeding button in the presence of your pet.

What do the lights on the LED panel mean?

From the top to the bottom:

Low Water Alert (green light): If water level in the storage tank is above a certain point, green light remains on. If it falls below, the green light will flicker.

Wifi connection (blue light): If Wi-Fi is connected, blue light will light up and remain on. If Wi-Fi is disconnected, the red light will appear.

Hopper Weight Display: The number indicates the weight in Food Hopper in grams.

Food Tray Weight Display: The number indicates the weight in Food Tray in grams.

What if my Wi-Fi goes out, will my pet get fed?

Yes it will! easyFeed is designed with a memory storage that ensures that scheduled feedings continue to work in the event your Wi-Fi goes out. As long as there is Wi-Fi during the time you set a feeding schedule on the easyFeed App, your schedule will be stored within the feeder itself, and not on the internet.

However, if your Wi-Fi network is down you will not be able to stream a live view from the webcam or receive any notifications transmitted from the feeder until your Wi-Fi is back up again. Rest assured, our App will inform you when your easyFeed is offline!

Can I add two different types of food in the hopper?

No, it is recommended that only one food type should be used, unless your pet is undergoing the food transition program as guided by our "Food Transition Program" on the App.

How accurate is the food dispenser?

The food dispenser has an accuracy of +/- 10% with 50g and above. The fluctuation is dependent on the food size. Smaller food size may result in more food dispensed then expected and vice versa for bigger-sized food. We recommend that you test the feeder with your food and the in-built weighing scale first to get an idea of the accuracy level before you go for scheduled feedings. You can use the weight of the food displayed on the home page to assist you.

How many different feeding schedules will I be able to set?

You will be able to set a maximum of 9 feeding schedules a day.

What if there is a power outage?

When a power outage occurs, the app will receive a notification indicating "easyFeed is offline". Scheduled feedings will continue to work as your schedule will be stored within the feeder's memory itself, and not on the internet.easyFeed can continue to run on the backup batteries. If all your C-Cell batteries are at full capacity, easyFeed is able to last for approximately 4 days. So please remember to insert your backup batteries! 

How long does the backup battery last?

The backup can last for approximately 4 days!

How do I train my pet to get used to their easyFeed?

If you have a timid pet, it is recommended that you spend some time with them getting them used to the sound and the smell. You may try the following method:

  1. Set a voice recording for your time feedings.
  2. During training, play the voice recording on the app to let your pet recognize the sound, and then make easyFeed dispense food by tapping on the dog bone icon on the App.
  3. Repeat this process until your pet is able recognize the sound from afar and wait for its food!

I purchased my easyFeed for another person. How do I unbind the machine from my easyFeed account?

In order for a new account to be linked to the same easyFeed machine, the machine has to completely unbind from the original account. You need to log into the original account and unbind the machine under the tab "Device List" in the side menu. Select the correct machine ID and select “unbind”. Once it is unbounded, you can now bind a different account to the machine.This is an added security feature of the easyFeed app. It prevents other people from binding to the machine and accessing all the data that is inside.

Using the easyFeed mobile App

I cannot find the verification email after signing up under email account.

Check your Junk/Spam box, the email may be there. All email sign-up with the gosh! easyFeed app must be verified by clicking on the link in the email before proceeding in the app.

Will I receive any verification email if I am using Facebook, Wechat or Amazon to login?

No, you will only receive a verification email if you are signing up with an email account.

How does easyFeed connect to with the easyFeed Mobile app?

Once you have installed the the “gosh! easyFeed” app on your phone, launch it and sign up an account. After which, you will be given step-by-step instructions to connect your easyFeed machine to your phone and home Wi-Fi.

Step 1: Ensure that easyFeed is switched on. Tap ‘next’ on the app.

Step 2: Press the left button on the side of the machine that shows WF.  You should hear a beep sound. Moments later, you will hear a voice from the machine that says "WiFi ready to pair your smart device". Tap ‘next’ on the app.

Step 3: Your WiFi SSID should automatically reflect on the app. Key in your home Wi-Fi password. Tap ‘next’.

Step 4: While the machine is searching for network, a blue flashing LED light appears on the panel. Once connected, the LED stops flashing. The machine will play a pre-set recording “WiFi pairing succeeded”. Your easyFeed ID will appear on the device list. It may take a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Once successful, you will be brought to the next page that shows ‘Congratulations! You successfully set up your machine’. Continue by tapping on ‘Create your pet profile’. 

How can my family members access the same machine using their own phones?

In order to access the same machine, you have to use the same account used to bind the machine.
- If the account was registered using email and password, simply use the same email and password to access.
- If the account was registered via Facebook, on the other phone select “Log In with Facebook”. You will see Facebook’s third party login page. Select “Log In with Phone Number or Email address”. Log in with the Facebook account used to register your easyFeed and you will be brought to the home page
- If the account was registered via Amazon, on the other phone select “Log In with Amazon”. You will see Amazon’s third party login page. Log in with the Amazon account used to register your easyFeed and you will be brought to the home page.
- If the account was registered via Wechat, on the other phone select “Log In with Wecaht”. You will be brought to the Wechat App or webpage. Log in with your Wechat account used to register your easyFeed.

Do note that only the last person to log into the account will be able to receive notifications.

What if my Wi-Fi network does not have a password?

When you are at the network page on the app, just tap “Next” without keying in a password!

How can I check my scheduled feedings?

The home page of the App displays the next feeding time. You can also tap on "Edit Feeding Times" on the home page to view all your scheduled feedings and edit them if you wish.

Why is there no food dispensed on certain scheduled feedings?

Make sure that you set your scheduled feeding times when the app shows “Online”. Make sure that your easyFeed firmware is updated (Refer to the next question below). If you have set or amended the feeder clock time in the app, make sure you restart your easyFeed before the new timings can propagate.

How do I check if my easyFeed firmware is updated?

You will be asked to consent to firmware upgrades in the app at times. First update your app to the latest version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

1. Enter the Home page in the app. Make sure your easyFeed is ONLINE (LED light should be Blue).
2. Remove some food from the Hopper or Food tray. This triggers a change in weight so that information is pushed to the server from your easyFeed.
3. The server then identifies your easyFeed and check if any upgrade of firmware is required. 
4. If there is a newer version, an alert will pop-up in your home page - "Device Update. You can update easyFeed from version XXXX to version YYYY!  Click on “Update” if you want to proceed. Wait 3-5 minutes (depending on local network speed) for update to complete.  Avoid using the app during the installation period.  
5.  Your firmware is now updated.

a. IPC firmware update is automatic if your device has been working with information flowing up and down the server. Eg, any changes in weight of food. There is no need to update unless your device has been offline for a long time or there is no activity in your easyFeed. 
b. If you wish to double confirm if IPC is successfully updated, follow these steps before the above Step 1 to 5.
i. Click on 'Device List' from the side menu (top left drop down menu)
ii. Click and HOLD on the connected device ID for 2-3 seconds.
iii. A pop up window appears. Example -
MACHINE: (Your Device ID)
iv.  Note the last 4 digits of the IPC.
v.  Follow step 1 to 5.  
vi.  Repeat (b) i, ii, and iii.  If there is a change in IPC, the last 4 digits will different.

Updated 23/11/17:
IPC_VERSION: 1.3.1510208788
MCU_VERSION: 0.0.0 or 0.0.1

How do I check my machine MCU?

i. Click on 'Device List' from the sde menu.

ii. Click and HOLD on the connected device ID for 2-3 seconds.

iii. A pop up window appears that shows your MCU version.

What is the Feeder Clock Setup for?

You can find the “Feeder Clock Setup” at the side menu. As easyFeed does not follow daylight savings time, the Feeder Clock gives you the option of doing so. A confirmation note will surface on the app after saving the time. It will also inform you to restart your feeder immediately so that the new time can propagate.

How do I change my dog's photo?

In the side menu, you can tap on "Pet Profile". You can tap on the display photo of your pet to change it.

What if I want to change my Home Wi-Fi settings?

Go to your device (iPhone, tablet, etc) settings and select the new SSID. Press the ‘WF’ button on the easyFeed once till a beep sound is heard. Thereafter, a voice command “WiFi ready to pair with your smart device” can be heard. You may observe that the blue WiFi LED on the easyFeed panel turns red. Enter the app and select the side menu, then tap on “Device List”. Tap on “Update WiFi”. Key in your new WiFi password and tap “Update”. Successful connection may sometimes take up to 5 minutes, do not tap ‘Update’ repeatedly as this will stall the network search. Once the new WiFi connection is successful, there will be a voice command “WiFi pairing succeeded”. The LED on the panel turns back to blue.

Why does my online/offline status not reflect on the app?

Sometimes the server may experience some delay. Simply log out of your account and log in again. You should see an updated status!

How many smart devices can connect to easyFeed?

There is no limit to this. If multiple family members wish to gain access to the same machine, they can log in via the same account. The easyFeed App allows multiple users to be logged into the same account at the same time, however one user can only use the webcam function at any one time. Only the last person to log into the account will be able to receive notifications.

How do I access the same easyFeed with another phone?

You just have to log in using the same account details that is used to connect to the easyFeed machine. The account can be an email address, Facebook, WeChat or Amazon. But do note that 1 machine should only be connected to 1 account.

Can more than one user activate remote feeding on one easyFeed at the same time?

Nope! Only one user is able to control the remote feeding at any one time.

Can multiple users view the webcam at the same time?

The easyFeed allows only 1 viewer to access the webcam at any one time.

How many easyFeed devices can be linked to 1 easyFeed account?

You can connect as many easyfeed devices as you want to one easyfeed account. Please note that one easyfeed should be catered to one pet. In order to add a device, you can go to “Add/Edit Pet Profile” in the side menu. 

How do I schedule an automatic feed?

On the home page, you can tap on "Edit Feeding Times" to add a scheduled feed. easyFeed will automatically feed based on your selected time and amount.

How do I edit my pet information?

In the side menu, you can select "Edit Pet Profile" to view your pet profile. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right hand corner to edit pet profile information.

How does the Food Transition Program work?

You can tap on the rightmost "Meal Prep" icon at the bottom panel of the App. Then tap on the upper right hand edit button to go to "Edit Meal Prep" page. Tap on "Setup Food Transition Program" and you will see a page that provides a guide to the right food mix and schedule for food transition. You may adjust the food mix percentages or the time schedule manually if you wish.

How Do I update my Food Selection on the app?

You can go to the side menu and select "Food Setup". Tap on "Brand" and then "search brands" to select from a list of popular food brands in our database. If you do not find your food brand in our list, you can manually key in the information found in your food label under "Manual setup".

If it is a different food brand, please ensure that you have re-filled the hopper with the new food before you update the Food selection information. The App will calculate calories based on the new food brand data.

Why am I not receiving any notifications?

You may have disabled your notifications in your phone settings. Do ensure that you have enabled it to receive reminders and alerts from easyFeed app!

How do I give a snack to my dog?

You can tap on the "dog bone" icon on the home page to set the amount you wish to remotely feed your dog. You may also turn on the webcam to see if your dog is nearby before tapping on the same dog bone icon in the top panel to feed your dog.

How do I manage multiple easyFeed from a single account?

On the home page, you can also slide left and right to view different easyFeed profiles. One easyFeed device is tied to one pet profile. Any changes to settings will be applied to the easyFeed profile on the home page.

How do I get notified when pet has been fed?

By default, you will receive a notification when pet has been fed. If you wish to turn it off at some point, you can go to "Notifications" in the side menu and toggle off the notification that says "During Feeding Time".

When I add more food into the food hopper, does the app show the increase in weight immediately?

The app refreshes every 10 seconds. For e.g., Food tray and Food hopper weight will update every 10s on the app. However, if our server is experiencing high traffic volume, the refreshing might take slightly longer! If the change in weight still does not reflect, simply re-launch your app and try again.

Troubleshooting your easyFeed

I have trouble connecting my router to easyFeed.

Double check your network name and password are keyed in correctly. They are case sensitive.

Ensure that your Home Wi-Fi is not operating on a 5GHz network. The gosh! easyFeed app only operates under the standard 2.4Ghz network.
Please check to see if you have any firewalls activated, or if you have a hidden SSID.
If you have tried these steps and you still are experiencing trouble connecting your easyFeed and Router, please contact Customer Support here:

The machine is able to connect to the Wi-Fi but my app is unable to search for the machine ID.

The first time binding to the machine takes longer than usual, or even a couple of times. You can try to restart the power and try again. Once you hear “Wi-Fi ready to pair your smart device”, you can key in your Wi-Fi details and search for the ID.

If you are still unable to find the ID after a few tries, the machine could have gone into AP mode (a troubleshooting mode), which prevents you from setting up the machine normally. To know if it is in this mode, switch off and on the machine again. Wait for it to say “Welcome to use easyFeed”, and moments later the machine will either say “Ready to pair with your smart device” or “Wi-Fi AP mode”. The latter is the wrong mode. Another way to tell is also if the LED panel shows a constant red light. See more in the next question.

My machine says “Wi-Fi AP mode”? What should I do?

The Wi-Fi AP mode is a troubleshooting mode which prevents you from setting up the machine normally. You have to revert the machine back to the original mode where the machine says “Wi-Fi ready to pair your smart device.” Steps to revert back to normal mode:

1. Switch off and on the machine again.
2. Wait for machine to say “Welcome to use easyFeed”. Do not press anything. After a short while, the machine will say “Wi-Fi AP mode”. There is also a constant red light on the LED panel. 

3. For machine MCU 0.0.0 (See under ‘How do I check my machine MCU?) - Double press the WF button quickly, you should hear two quick beep sounds. Moments later, the machine will say “Ready to pair with your smart device”. For machine MCU 0.0.1 (See under ‘How do I check my machine MCU?) – Press both WF and food dispensing button simultaneously and quickly till a beep sound is heard. Moments later, the machine will say “Ready to pair with your smart device”.

4. Go to ‘Device List’ at the side menu and tap ‘Update WiFi’. Input the WiFi password and proceed next.

5. If the ID still does not appear, press the WF button ONCE to hear a prompt “Welcome to use easyFeed”, “Ready to pair with your smart device”. Repeat step 4. You may need to try 1-2 times. 

If you have tried these steps and you still are experiencing trouble finding the machine ID, please contact Customer Support here:

My Food hopper and Food tray weight balance does not reflect on the app. Why?

It is likely that your easyFeed is offline. You should see a “offline” status on the home page of the app. Please restart the feeder and wait for it to say “Welcome to use easyFeed”. After which, it will say “Wi-Fi pairing succeeded” and there will be a blue light on the LED panel, indicating that it is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Close the easyFeed app and re-open it again. Within 2 minutes, you should see that it is “online”. If you still do not see an online status, please contact Customer Support here:

Why am I Getting numerous "easyFeed is Offline" Warnings?

There could be several reasons:

  • The Home Wi-Fi network is unable to connect to easyFeed
  • easyFeed might be turned off
  • Power supply to easyFeed might be cut off.

I am using another phone to link to the easyFeed machine. But it does not appear in the device list when I search for devices. What do I do?

If you are using a brand new account to bind to the machine, it could be because the machine is still linked to the original account. You need to log into the original account and unbind the machine under the tab "Device List" in the side menu. Once it is unbounded, you can now bind a different account to the machine.

My easyFeed beeped and an 'ERR' code appeared on the LED panel. What happened?

Kibbles may be stuck in the hopper. Immediately use a spoon to gently scoop over the food at the base of the hopper to release them. Do remember that suitable kibble sizes are within 1 x 1 x 1cm.

The weight seems to be a little inaccurate. Can I calibrate the machine?

Yes you can!

  • Step 1: Ensure that BOTH the food hopper and food tray are empty.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the left button on the side of the machine that shows WF until the words "CALIB" starts flashing on the LED panel.
  • Step 3: Release the button, and allow the words to flash for about 5 seconds and press the WF button again.
  • Step 4: You should see that the figures return to 0000.

Note: Please refrain from calibrating the machine too many times! Over-calibration may cause some interference in the machine, resulting in inaccurate calibration. Should that occur, please contact our customer service:

easyPlay FAQ
About easyPlay Robotic Pet Fitness Ball

What is gosh! easyPlay?

gosh! easyPlay is the world's first robotic pet toy that allows you to interact with your pets from anywhere through your phone. It is designed to keep your pet active and healthy, even if you are away.

How does it work?

easyPlay is set up using WiFi at home. You can remotely access the ball’s camera and speaker, or even control the ball’s movement and speed through the gosh! easyPlay app.

The app also allows you to set timing for treats reward. easyPlay comes with 3 time-activated food pods that allows the ball to dispense treats when your pet plays with it. Select the autoplay mode with treats time to entice your pet to play. You can also set autoplay whenever you want.

How is the treat launched from the ball?

The treats in each easyPlay pod falls out of the treat opening when the pet pushes the ball. The amount of treats that gets dispensed is determined by how hard the pet pushes the ball.

What devices are compatible with easyPlay?

The easyPlay App is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 and above.

What Wi-Fi is compatible with easyPlay App?

The easyPlay device is compatible with 2.4Ghz network only. Turn off any 5G network while binding ball to avoid connection interruptions.

How long is the warranty?

We provide a 12-month warranty for every easyPlay unit. You may register your warranty at

What is the dimension of easyPlay?

155 x 155mm or 6.1 x 6.1in.

What is the weight of easyPlay?

865g or 1.9Ibs.

How long is the battery life for the easyPlay?

At full charge and no sleeping time set, easyPlay can last approximately 12 hours after Wi-Fi is connected. However, if easyPlay is continuously used, it could last for around 4.5 hours.

How can I get the battery to last longer?

The easyPlay app offers a flexi sleep-wake setting. Users can set sleeping periods that sends easyPlay into power-saver mode.

Does easyPlay come with a wall charger?

No, only a USB to microUSB cable is provided. Use any 5V/2.1A or 5V/2.4V AC charger to charge your easyPlay.

How much food can I put into the food pods?

Each food pod can hold approximately 0.5-1 cup of food.

What dry food size is recommended?

Approximately 1 x 1 x 1cm size is recommended.

Is easyPlay suitable for both dogs and cats?

Yes absolutely! We have also included an insert for ribbons or feathers to give cats that added stimulus!

Is easyPlay’s food pod material safe?

easyPlay’s food pod is FDA-approved and therefore its material is food grade and safe.

Using easyPlay Robotic Pet Fitness Ball

How do I charge easyPlay?

Every easyPlay comes with a USB to microUSB cable. Use any 5V/2.1A or 5V/2.4V AC charger to charge your easyPlay.

How long does it take to fully charge an easyPlay?

It takes about 6 hours.

How do I know if the easyPlay has been fully charged?

A red LED light will blink as charging starts, and will stop blinking when fully charged.

How do I clean my easyPlay?

Each easyPlay has a detachable food pod container that can be removed. The bottom cover can be removed too with the wheel tracks. Run them under cool water with mild detergent. The rest of the ball can be wiped down using a damp cloth. (DO NOT run the whole easyPlay ball under water. And ensure no water seeps in from the bottom cover.

What if my Wi-Fi goes out, does the pod still rotate on my pre-set timing?

Yes, fret not! The easyPlay is able to store up to 7 days of data so the pods will still rotate based on the pre-set timings.

Using the easyPlay mobile App

How does easyPlay connect to the easyPlay mobile app?

easyPlay connects to whichever WiFi network that is set in your device.

Setting up

- Download the gosh! easyPlay app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

- Power ON the easyPlay. You will hear a voice prompt “Welcome to use”. After few seconds, you will hear “Ready to pair your device via WiFi”. (at this point, the easyPlay is waiting for you to use your device to pair)

- Launch the APP, tap ‘bind’ to pair with a new easyPlay ball.

- Your WiFi SSID should automatically appear on the app and you will be prompted to key in your WiFi password. Enter and tap ‘Next’.

- Once network connection is successful, you will be led to the profile setup page. Name your easyPlay and create a password. Tap ‘Save’. You will be led to the Home page.

Is there any way I can retrieve my password in case I forget?

No, there is no way to retrieve your password. Do jot it down.

How do I schedule timings for treats to be reloaded?

On the home page, select “select feeding times” and you can set 3 timings from there!

Is there manual dispensing of treats?

The food pods are programmed according to the feeding time. If you want to dispense immediately, go to set feeding time and edit time to the next minute.

How does my family members connect to the same easyPlay I have?

Simple, you just need to provide your username and password to another party for them to connect to your easyPlay! In the first page of the app, select “connect” instead of “bind”, and you will be prompted to key in the user details.

Can multiple users control the same easyPlay ball at the same time?

Multiple users are able to access the same easyPlay account and view the webcam at the same time. It is however recommended that no more than 1 user view the webcam at the same time to avoid bandwidth issues.

How many easyPlay can be binded to 1 easyPlay account?

Only 3 easyPlay balls can be binded to a single easyPlay account.

What is the difference between “bind” and “connect”?

“Bind” is for pairing to a brand new ball or a newly reset ball, while “connect” is used to pair an existing ball so multiple users can access the same ball using the same user details.

How do I add additional easyPlay in the app?

From the home page, Simply tap on the down arrow beside the current Pet Profile, you will see an option to ‘Add easyPlay’. Tap on it and follow the instruction.

How do I manage multiple easyPlay from a Single Account?

Your app is able to add multiple easyPlay each with a unique Pet Profile and allows you to switch to amongst these profiles. Simply tap on the name of the Pet’s profile with the down arrow and you will see the multiple easyPlays linked to your APP. Tap on either one of the profile and you will be brought to the respective home page!

I need to pass my easyPlay to another person. How do I erase the memory completely from the easyPlay ball?

You can simply use a pointed object to press the reset button located beside the on/off switch on easyPlay. The button is recessed in, so you will have to insert the pointed object into the small hole and use it to hold down the button inside until you hear a sound that says “successfully reset”. Once that is completed, your easyPlay’s memory is completely erased. Also remember to uninstall the app from your phone! Otherwise, some data will take up space in your device.

I accidentally deleted my easyPlay profile on my app. Are all my data gone?

Do not worry! As long as you did not reset the easyPlay, 7 days of data are backed up in the ball and are accessible again through the app once the profile/ball is “connected” again.

What if I delete my easyPlay app on my phone. Will all my data be gone?

Yes, all data will be gone.

I will be switching to a new phone. How do I delete the easyPlay app on my current phone and set it up in the new phone?

Do not reset the ball. ‘Connect’ the ball in the new phone first. Then, uninstall the app from your current phone. This way, all data in the current phone will be eliminated. Once binded with your new phone, you can see 7 days of backup data in the new phone.

I will be switching to a new router. How do I switch WiFi network on the easyPlay app?

This is possible but data will be erased from the easyPlay. First, reset the ball by using a pointed object to press the reset button located beside the on/off switch on easyPlay. Hold down the button inside until you hear a sound that says “successfully reset”. Then, bind the easyPlay again with the new WiFi network. . Upon successfully pairing, your easyPlay’s memory will be completely erased.

SmartPult FAQ
About SmartPult Ball Launcher

How is the SmartPult powered?

The SmartPult is powered in two ways. You can either plug in the AC adapter into a charging outlet, or use 6 x C-cell batteries for outdoor play.

Does SmartPult come with any balls?

Yes! Each SmartPult comes with 3 mini tennis balls.

How far do the SmartPult throw the ball?

SmartPult launches at three distances: 3m, 6m and 8m.

What size dogs are suitable to play with SmartPult?

SmartPult uses mini tennis ball, which are suitable for small dogs to medium dogs. Large dogs should play with caution as some large dogs may choke on smaller balls.

Are the SmartPult products covered by a warranty?

Yes, every SmartPult unit is covered with a 12-month warranty.

How long does the SmartPult work on batteries?

Using the 6 x C batteries, SmartPult is able to operate for approximately 100 launches with occasional breaks in between.

How easy is it to train a dog to use the SmartPult?

If your dog loves to play fetch, it is would be pretty easy. There are dogs that got it on the first try!

What size balls do the SmartPult use?

SmartPult uses 50mm mini tennis balls.

What do the lights on the machine signify?

A flickering blue light signifies that your machine is connected to your phone via direct Wi-Fi. You can then control SmartPult using your App.

A constant blue light signifies that your machine is connected to your home Wi-Fi. You can pair SmartPult with your phone via direct Wi-Fi first, and then configure it to connect to Home Wi-Fi under "Wi-Fi Set" in the side menu. This allows your phone to be connected to your Home Wi-Fi but also connected to SmartPult. In this way, you will be able to use the App to control SmartPult and also surf the Internet.

If there is no blue light on the machine, it means that SmartPult is not connected to any phones.

What comes with my SmartPult order?

You will receive three 50mm mini balls, an AC adapter, a funnel, and the SmartPult machine.

Using SmartPult Ball Launcher

How do you clean the SmartPult?

Ensure that the machine is switched off before you start cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to reach into the from the top of the machine and pull the other end out slightly. By pulling the cloth back and forth, you will be able to remove the dirt and slobber from the insides of the tunnel.

Is the SmartPult safe for my dog?

When training your dog to use SmartPult, we recommend that you teach it to stand beside the machine as it prepares to launch. At the highest launch setting (8m), the product can launch the ball at speeds that may injure your dog, especially if they are standing directly in front of the machine. While most dogs are quick learners, it is best to have the first few play sessions supervised by their owner until the dog is fully trained.

Can I still launch balls without the App?

SmartPult is able to operate without the App in the automatic mode! When SmartPult is not connected to your phone, you will see that the blue Wi-Fi light is turned off. You can then simply place balls into the funnel and the machine will automatically launch when it detects an incoming ball. In the automatic mode, after the ball launches, there will be a 5-8 seconds time delay before the treats are dispensed. This gives the dog time to return with the ball and that's when it will be rewarded with treats!

Can I let my dog play with SmartPult on his own?

Yes! As long as your dog has been trained to fetch the ball back to the funnel on its own, you can leave him to hours of non-stop fun!

What happens if I put other types of balls or odd-shaped items into SmartPult?

SmartPult is specially designed to fit our 50mm mini balls. If you have a ball with the right size and a weight similar to our balls, it will be able to launch successfully. For lighter balls of the correct size, the balls will not launch at the standard distances. Furthermore, lighter balls may not be heavy enough to trigger the launch of the balls as the sensor is activated only when the weight of the ball presses onto the small lever in the tunnel. If the ball or item is too small, it might also fall into the gap between the level and the side of the tunnel and get stuck.

My dog slobbers a lot. Is that a problem?

If your dog is a heavy slobber, you may need to wipe off the slobber off the balls from time to time. Balls with slobber will tend to be heavier and may not fly as far. You can choose to set on a higher launch setting if your dog tends to slobber.

Using SmartPult mobile App

Do you need Internet to connect to SmartPult?

Not a must! You can connect to SmartPult directly via Direct Wi-Fi pairing.

How many devices are able to connect to one SmartPult at once? Four devices! However, it only makes sense that at any one time, only one device is able to control the launch settings. Therefore, when one phone sets a launch distance or toggles the automatic mode, the other phones will sync accordingly.

Troubleshooting your SmartPult

What do I do when the ball does not launch after I place it into the funnel?

This might arise when the sensor in the tunnel does not detect the weight of the ball. Ensure that you place the ball at the top of the funnel and let it roll down into the ball tunnel. By doing that, it presses onto the sensor with its weight and triggers the launch!

My ball is stuck inside the tunnel, help!

If the ball falls to the bottom of the machine beyond the sensor, it will not be able to trigger a launch. However, there is a trick to manually trigger it to launch! This is how it goes- use your right hand to hold the handle of the machine and tilt the machine backwards, at the same time use your left hand to press down lightly onto the sensor and you will hear the motor preparing for launch. Place the machine back down and the ball will launch out!

My treats are stuck. What do I do?

If your treats are stuck, remove the treats drawer and reach a finger to the bottom the treats tunnel to move the treats around and make sure they do not get stuck. After which, you can try to dispense again by tapping "Feed it" on the App.

The best treat sizes to be used with SmartPult is 5-10mm in size. If your treats are larger, make you you break them up before loading into the treats drawer!

Why is SmartPult not responding to my App?

Your SmartPult machine may not be connected to the App! You can verify that by looking at the Wi-Fi light on top of the machine. If the light is flickering blue, it means that it is connected to the App. If there is no light, there is no connection to the App.

My Wi-Fi is switched on but my phone is still unable to detect SmartPult. What should I do?

You will have to reset the machine by using a slim object to press the reset button in the small hole nearest to the funnel.

easyPaw FAQ
About the easyPaw

How long should I dip each paw into easyPaw for?

You just need to dip one to two paws into the swirling water for about 5-8 seconds before lifting it up to dry. It allows you to clean your pet’s paws quickly and without getting your pet all wet!

Does easyPaw really clean my pet's paws?

Yes! It removes dirt that is unreachable by wet wipes. The swirling motion helps to open up the furs and the current will remove any dirt that is lodged in between.

Does easyPaw dry my pet's paws as well?

easyPaw does not have a drying function, however, by dipping 5-8 seconds, you can simply use a paper towel or towel to wipe the paws dry. You may also dry the paws further by using a dryer.

I realized easyPaw comes with a tray. What is it used for?

The great thing is that the tray has multiple uses! You can use it as a food tray to feed your pet while their paws are being washed. Tip: For pets that are afraid of water, you can distract it with food! You may also stow a small towel when you bring easyPaw outdoors.

Must I use the middle plate?

It is definitely not a must to use a middle plate. The middle plate is used to separate the magnetic blade and the pet’s paw. It is also used as a support for pets that can step into the paw washer on their own. However, if you have a small-sized dog, you can remove the plate for a stronger current, and place its paw in to the top of the swirling water.

Will the magnetic blade hurt my pet's paws?

No! We designed it to be contact friendly such that if your pet paws come in contact with it while swirling, there will not be any pain.

How high do you fill the water?

We recommend to filling about half of the container with water.

What about water temperature?

You may use room temperature water. Alternatively, you can boil water and let it cool to a skin-safe temperature for a foot soak!

Can I add disinfectant solution into the water?

Yes! You can add anything like foot soak solutions, disinfectants, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal shampoos, or even saltwater formula into the water for paw hygiene and therapy.

How do I clean easyPaw?

You can bring easyPaw under a tap and rinse it gently. Just ensure that the bottom of the product does not come in contact with water as it houses a battery compartment. You can also remove the middle plate and the magnetic plastic blade to give them a thorough wash.

Troubleshooting your easyPaw

The magnetic blade moved out of position and makes a very loud noise.

Don't worry! Just switch off the power and re-position the magnet blade and turn on the power again. The blade will spin as per normal.